Empty weight of fully equipped airplane 270kg only!       (GPS, COM, parachute rescue system, adjustable propeller…)

SKYLANE UL. Simply Flying!

SKYLANE UL - an ultralight airplane without any compromise. Genuinely lightweight with a great useful load and a roomiest luggage compartment in its class. Really fast with flying range up to 1650km. And flying characteristics you really enjoy.

Since 2003, Airlony company has offered a new concept of an advanced airplane as the first in ultralight class. The airplane is designed for comfortable long flights as well as everyday recreational flying. Applied latest technologies provide a high reliability and a very low empty weight. Thanks to that Skylane UL can carry up two contemporary adult pilots and fuel enough for flight to any of your common destinations. Safely and ultralight class weight limits are kept

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Skylane UL airplane has from the beginning been designed with a view to a high value for money and comfortable travelling. Therefore it can cope with any task and it is a reliable partner for all of your joint moments. Simply flying!

  • Empty weight from 248kg
  • Roomy cockpit for pilots of every build
  • Easily accessible luggage compartment for luggage up to 30 kg weight
  • Cruise speed 135-210 km/h
  • Flying range 1650km

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