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Skylane tailor-made for ultralight lovers

From the very beginning, our two-seater ultralight has been designed to provide maximum comfort and utility. Thanks to its upper-wing design, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings. Using state-of the-art technology, we managed to achieve a low empty weight, which provides an opportunity to fly with two pilots without exceeding weight limits.

In addition to low weight, Skylane boasts the most spacious hold in its category, which is also conveniently accessible during flight. The aircraft itself is made of composite material, so it is highly resistant to impact and humidity. Compared to a metal framed aircraft, you do not need to worry about corrosion or microscopic fractures around rivet joints.

About AirLony

Our aircraft company was established in 1998 by aircraft designer Petr Lonský. Soon thereafter, the Highlander (ultralight two-seater biplane) saw the light of the day. It was the experience of this aircraft that was used in the development of the new concept – Skylane UL.

Skylane was test-flown in 2003, although today we are already delivering an upgraded 2nd generation version.

Top level safety

In addition to comfort, safety is our alpha and omega; that is why the aircraft undergo countless demanding and detailed tests, fuselage and wing strength tests, control, safety belt, tank and many other tests. Safety is further increased by the excellent flight characteristics of Skylane UL.

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Comfortable Skylane UL aircraft | AirLony

Our two-seater Skylane ultralight is an aircraft valued for its low weight and large hold. Find out if you will like it too.

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