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Ultralight aircraft SKYLANE UL


is a single engine, two seat side-by-side braced high-wing ultralight monoplane of mixed, mainly composite structure with fixed tricycle undercarriage.


Almost circular cross-section fuselage of the aircraft is made as closed fiberglass shell with foam core. Roomy and richly glassed-in cockpit offers a great view to all directions – included right over the cockpit (and consequently to the turn in tilts). There are two adjustable seats in the cockpit with a 22 cm lengthwise shift. The seats are fitted by four-point safety belts. An unusually large and easily accessible luggage compartment is located behind the seats.

Braced wing

with semi-laminar airfoil MS (1) – 313 has wooden structure. The wing is rectangular in the central part and trapezial with short winglets at the ends. There are fuel tanks (2x35l) in central part in front of beam. The beam is situated in 37% of depth. This part is covered by wooden plywood, remaining parts are covered by linen. Behind the beam the wing is consists of wooden ribs with a short auxiliary beam.

The wing is fitted with electric slotted flaps with pre-programmed deflections at 13°, 29° and 37°. The flaps are wooden with plywood and a linen cover.


are wooden with one beam, ribs, plywood and linen cover. Aileron control system uses rods, deflections are differential.


of wooden construction has a classic configuration with an elevator and a rudder. Vertical stabilizer is an integrated part of fuselage. Airfoil of the elevator as well as the rudder uses symmetric NACA 0012 and their construction does not differ from the construction of flaps.

Tricycle undercarriage

The main gear is constructed as a fiberglass spring. The wheels are equipped with independent hydraulic brakes separately controlled by break valves mounted on pedals. Nose gear is towed and spring-loaded by a steel spring and a hydraulic dumper. Front gear leg is unsteerable and free to rotate in 360°.

The control

is a dual joke type. Ailerons and the elevator are controlled by rods and levers, the rudder is controlled by wire ropes.


The airplane is equipped with standard flight and engine instruments. Other instruments could be installed at customer’s request.


Dimensions Weights Performances
Wing span: 8,95 m Max. take-off weight: 450 / 472,5 kg Max speed: 252 km/h
Total lenght: 6,65 m Empty weight from 248 kg Cruise speed: 135 – 210 km/h
Total height: 1,99 m ... fully equipped: 270 kg Stall speed: 64 km/h
Wing area: 10,57 m2 Max. luggage weight: 30kg Climb rate: 5 m/s (8 m/s solo)
Airfoil: MS (1) – 313     Flying range: 1650 km
Tank capacity: 2x 42 l        
G-limits: +4/-2 g        



Czech certificate about manufacturing our plane.